Population Health Management

Centricity’s Population Health Management Solution helps improve health outcomes and reduce costs by accurately identifying high risk patients and enabling efficient coordination of evidence-based care via automated workflows. This solution simplifies clinical workflows and allows providers to access longitudinal patient information from within GE Centricity.

An integrated cloud-based solution to helps providers improve health outcomes and reduce cost by providing key IT enabled capabilities:

Data aggregation, processing and normalization: Connecting disparate clinical & financial systems to make longitudinal patient health record available at the point of care.

Risk Management: Identifying and predicting groups of actionable high-risk patients with high accuracy, highlighting their care gaps and projecting the cost to close those gaps.

Care coordination and management: Efficiently coordinating evidence-based care via proven, automated and intelligent care management workflows.

Wellness  engagement: Providing convenient tools and resources to increasingly engage patients in their own care.

Bi-directional integration with GE HCIT Systems: Uniquely enabling seamless integration with GE Centricity system workflows to helps clinicians deliver high quality care by facilitating access to complete, up-to-date longitudinal patient record directly within the EHR.

Centricity’s Population Health Management Solution was designed to support correctional organizations by offering:Population+Health+Management

Efficient, effective and evidence-based care plans with automated workflows help increase efficiency and effectiveness of care coordination so care managers can focus on complex patients.

Seamless integration with GE Centricity systems and workflows uniquely enables GE customers to simplify and automate tasks and help clinicians deliver high quality care by enabling access to complete longitudinal patient record right within the EHR.