Patient Portal

Centricity Practice Solution offers intelligent, enterprise-wide tools to promote collaboration, clinical excellence, and patient safety throughout your organization. With the Centricity Patient Portal and Centricity Clinical Messenger, your agency can create a full-featured, integrated web presence and secure communication strategy for all departments. These tools can further advance your current success with their Department’s website in promoting wellness and community engagement.

Centricity Patient Portal streamlines patient/clinic communications and gives patients round-the-clock access to portal services. These services include appointment requests, medication refill requests, billing inquiries, demographics updates, and new patient registration. The following are features and benefits of Centricity Patient Portal.

  • Streamline workflow for common patient requests. Structured request forms allow patients to request medication refills, appointments, referrals, immunization reports, or other information online.
  • Allow existing patients to self-register. Existing patients gain access to online services by authenticating against personal information retrieved from the practice management system, creating a convenient automated registration process.
  • Enterprise deployment options for multiple practices. Practices in large organizations are able to share a common enterprise domain while maintaining individualized practice portals. This allows patients to use a single identity to access the services at any practice location.


Centricity’s patient engagement tools streamline patient/clinic communications and give patients round-the- clock access to portal services allowing you to:

  • Free up staff with patient self-registration, allowing patients to register online and new patients to enroll online
  • Automate demographic updates and collect patient data with customized online forms
  • Securely collect billing data
  • Streamline workflow for common patient requests, such as medication refills
  • Send lab result notifications to patients from within a chart update
  • Enable eCurbsiding and eReferrals between Centricity Practice Solution sites, and with physicians on other EHRs or paper-based systems
  • Save incoming messages directly to the chart