Health Information Exchange

As a GE Healthcare-Microsoft joint venture, Caradigm offers eHealth Information Exchange, an HIE product that allows customers to integrate clinical data from across disparate systems with a secure standards-based platform. eHealth Information Exchange manages the wide variety of clinical records, document types, and terminologies pervasive in today’s healthcare system.

Benefits of  our eHealth Information Exchange include:HIE

  • Cross-community clinical summary sharing
  • Cross-community referral management
  • ED access to community-wide clinical data
  • Community-wide clinical summary viewer
  • Medication history service
  • Image exchange service
  • Vendor-neutral EHR integration
  • Results delivery service
  • Interoperability in action: profiles and standards


Caradigm’s HIE solution adheres to IHE standards, which are thoroughly tested in North American Connect-a-thons. Data can be stored in several ways, as dictated by business and security requirements, including federated, centralized, or hybrid systems. The HIE can be hosted in our secure data center, which is certified by the Up Time Institute as a Tier III center and offers high availability, security, and redundancy.