Centricity allows for the seamless capture of signatures, authorizations, release of information or any other easily customizable document for all patients. The software allows for the optional or mandatory counter signature for a specified document. eSig works on signature capture devices, tablets and can also support biometric signing with a fingerprint. Centricity’s eSig is the modern and sophisticated electronic signature and biometrics solution for consent and other patient forms.

eSig Capture:

  • Saves paper, supplies and staff time
  • Limits re-entry of data by staff
  • Minimizes staff input related errors
  • Obtains actual patient signature using finger or stylus
  • Supports multiple signatures and countersigning of documents
  • Renders completed documents in PDF format automatically
  • And much more…


Centricity’s eSig capabilities will let patients and staff electronically sign documents. Users can update information, sign consent forms, and complete medical history forms directly on tablet devices. Your staff can then review them before they are automatically indexed and stored in the patient’s chart. Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides for electronic provider signature
  • Provides biometric capabilities such as fingerpints
  • Allows multiple providers to sign a single record
  • Permits electronic co-signatures
  • Provides for electronic patient signatures (e.g. signature pad)
  • Finalization of the record requires signature and locks the record for further editing
  • Select users can amend documentation after signing/locking/finalization.
  • Provides online prompts where signatures or co-signature are required in the completion of medical records documentation to avoid charting deficiencies
  • Provides for authorization hierarchy for sign-off and record finalization.
  • Locks the record for editing after signature
  • Use digital signatures in records and documents within the system
  • Use digital signatures in records and documents sent to external business partners
  • Provides for integrity of information delivered over the Internet.