Using Centricity, clinicians can quickly write refills or access custom medication lists to create new prescriptions. Potential allergies and interactions with other drugs currently prescribed for the patient are checked automatically to prevent adverse reactions. Prescriptions and refills can be printed for the patient or, for faster processing; they can be faxed directly to the pharmacy using our integrated faxing solution.

Compliance to formulary standards can lower healthcare costs dramatically. Using Centricity’s formulary feature, the clinician sees what is on or off-formulary when prescribing new or refilling current medications. The clinician can substitute a preferred medication with the click of a button. Formulary compliance increases because pertinent information is presented onscreen, easy for clinicians to use.

The Medi-Span™ medication reference contains more than 25,000 NDC coded medications and supplies, including all form and strength combinations and generic equivalents, with patient education handouts for every listed drug. Drug interaction checking identifies potential drug interactions of clinical significance with other medications, alcohol, and food, as well as patient drug allergies.

References to Hansten & Horn’s Drug Interactions & Updates, and Facts and Comparisons’ Drug Interaction Facts are included. The medication reference is updated monthly and also lists wholesale drug prices. Using this information at the point of care prevents harmful interactions, reduces phone calls from pharmacists, increases patient satisfaction, and lowers overall costs.

The Centricity prescription and refill features also include:

  • The ability to support ePrescribing with our partnership with Surescripts.
  • The ability to print prescriptions to a specific printer when special paper is required by the state.
  • The ability to print a prescription that meets the state pharmacy regulations, such as “dispense as written.”
  • Optional printing of the provider’s DEA number.