Fusion’s electronic MAR (eMAR)

Fusion’s electronic MAR (eMAR) is fully integrated with GE Centricity Practice Solution and utilizes the latest technology to improve patient safety and reduce medication administration errors at the patient’s bedside. An advanced, intuitive and mobile-enabled solution, Fusion eMAR guides healthcare providers through optimal workflow processes to ensure the most critical patient safety standards are exceeded in an efficient manner. The eMAR allows for bi-directional communication between the systems, and minimizes the number of staff who will have to be trained on two systems. This integration allows for GE Centricity to send the eMAR the following:

  • All Demographics
  • Intake and Release documentation
  • Medications entered from Centricity’s Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)/ePrescribing


Fusion eMAR will become an integral part of your QA process. With it, you monitor compliance levels customized by your preference across any parameters or time frames. For example, you could examine a list of patients who missed three doses in the last month, the reasons they missed med pass, and their locations.

Fusion eMAR medication management system will save you and your staff a significant amount of time. This software eliminates the month end MAR changeover because all medication ordering and changes are automatically updated throughout the month. Facilities with eMARs have experienced at least a 50% reduction in med pass time and have eliminated the time devoted to monthly MAR changeovers. With Fusion eMAR, reviewing MARs for accuracy or arranging them in new binders at the end of every month simply is not necessary.

The system also provides the ability to easily display the last three administrations of each medication with documentation, point and click injection documentation, the ability to document the number of PRN doses administered, the ability to link medications to vital signs which need to be taken prior to medication administration and much more.


Key Features:

Fusion eMAR features easy-to-use medication management which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The ability to scan the barcode on the medication and patient’s wristband/ badge to provide an electronic recording of the actual medication administration date, time, and nurse’s initials. The system also allows for manual entry of patient’s number.
  • Injection location can be charted.
  • Capability of printing a paper med pass list in an easy-to-use grid format, sorted by patient and unit, and providing all medications and administration times.
  • A list of patients missed during regularly scheduled med pass, making it easy to identify which patients need to be called down, or revisited by the nurse, to receive their medications.
  • The ability for your staff to indicate reasons a medication was not administered (e.g., patient refused or dropped, no shows, etc).
  • Throughout the med pass process, the system informs you the percentage completion of the med pass, by entire population and by individual units.
  • For remote med pass or in areas without Wi-Fi, working off-line with a laptop and synchronizing later when Internet access is restored.

Key Functionalities

Med Pass Download

The eMAR works off-line by downloading the upcoming medication pass (future medication administration schedule) to a laptop to allow a remote med pass that works in areas of the facility that lack wireless Internet (Wi-Fi). Upon reconnecting to the Internet, it then uploads the med pass information that was conducted off-line to update the patient records and system information.

Barcode Scanning During Med Pass

Proper patient identification is critical to a safe and efficient medication pass. Your staff will have the ability to scan patient barcodes to verify patient identity as well as bar-coded capability to ensure the proper medication card is scanned prior to medication administration.

The software displays patients by location and medication, such as all patients on a particular floor using Prozac. All medications due for a selected med pass will display on the screen. This function eliminates the need for nursing staff to search for the appropriate paper MAR in a binder and locate the proper medications or schedule.


5 Rights of Medication Administration

The eMAR is used to assist your nurses in complying with established nursing standards regarding the five rights of medication administration.

  • Right patient is achieved by scanning patient wristbands and viewing patient profile photos at the time of administration.
  • Right drug is achieved by scanning the barcode label on each blister card.
  • Right dose and right route are achieved at the point of order-entry by using the integrated Medi-Span consultative database.
  • Right time is controlled by Centricity, in that only medications ordered at a specific medication pass can be displayed during that medication pass time frame. The ability to administer a medication not ordered for that medication pass is not possible.

Patient Demographics

The system will populate your patient demographic information directly into the eMAR. As patient locations change, either within a building or to another building, the system will automatically update within the software. It also imports identification items such as photos, aliases, date of birth, sex, etc. for easy patient identification beyond the patient badge scanning. Images and important demographic information is available during medpass as well.

Administration Time & Staff Initials

The eMAR allows barcode scanning of the medication and the patient’s wristband/badge to provide an electronic recording of the actual medication administration date, time, and the nurse’s initials.


The system generates a list of patients missed during the regularly scheduled med pass, easily identifying patients who need to be called down to receive their medications, if applicable. Medication refusals are also captured and easily reported in the system. Pre-selected and customizable refusal reasons can be accommodated during system set up.

Non-Administered Medications

The system can indicate reasons a medication was not administered such as the patient refused or dropped the medication, the patient was a “no show,” etc. Reasons can be further customized to facility requests. During each medication pass, the percentage of the complete medication pass is displayed so your staff can determine the state of med pass completion and the remaining med pass. At the conclusion of medication pass, your staff is given a display showing the patients who did not receive their medications so the nursing staff can ascertain if the patients are in fact accessible to have their medications administered before returning to the medication room.  The green A indicates that the medication was administered, where the red N indicates that the medication was not administered for the patient.

Document As-Needed (PRN) Reasons

When administering PRN medications, the user will be prompted for the quantity given. The user must enter the number of doses to be administered before he can enter the medication as administered. Users have the option to document a PRN reason from a customizable dropdown list. The system documents the time, date, and number of PRN doses for each administration time.

Medication Hold

The eMAR allows medications to be placed on hold for given periods. Once placed on hold, medication holds will be clearly indicated during med pass to alert staff of all on-hold medications, their durations, and reasons for the holds.

HIPAA Compliance

During medpass, users can hide and lock the screen using a simple button press to ensure HIPAA-compliance. Once a screen is locked, if it is unlocked by a different user, the system will electronically record which user unlocked it, and subsequent administrations and other documentation will be attributed to the proper user.

Declining Inventory Check

The eMAR has its own medication inventory program. It maintains records of all patient-specific and stock medications inventories within the facility, with automatic notification of which medications are needed based on actual administration.

Medication for Released Patients

The eMAR can order medications for released patients from your pharmacy. Users entering these orders are prompted to enter the number of days’ supply requested and the quantity. Once the order is placed, an icon appears that documents when these medications are given to the patient, again prompting for the quantity and days’ supply. Once this has been entered, the administration of release meds will populate the patient’s MAR. When a patient is released, you can print his medication history to assist with the patient’s continuing care.

Administration History Review & Printing

Following the upload and refreshing of medpass results, reports can be generated that detail administrations, refusals, compliance, etc. These reports can be accessed from either the dashboard or the reports section. Reports can be managed by any staff member who has proper credentials. Reports can be run showing non-compliance, using different parameters such as the patient missing three doses in the last 30 days.

End-of-Month MAR Printing

The eMAR medication management system will save you and your staff a significant amount of time. This software eliminates the month-end MAR changeover because all medication ordering and changes are automatically updated throughout the month. With the eMAR, reviewing MARs for accuracy and arranging them in new binders at the end of every month becomes unnecessary.

The system’s easy-to-use medication management system enables pharmacists, nurses, administration, executive prescribers, and authorized users to easily look up patient profiles, perform searches by patient, prescriber, formulary status, medication, drug class, patients on particular classes of medications, etc. The system has the ability to export to Adobe or Microsoft Excel to sort and print reports on demand. This system enables staff to sort and generate nearly any type of medication usage reports including end of the month paper MARs.