EDI & Revenue Cycle Management

Centricity EDI Services, and Centricity Hosted Claims Manager provide a complete solution to claims submission, editing, tracking, remittance, insurance verification, and reporting. Centricity Practice Solution offers you:

  • Fast, accurate billing for any payer and any kind of managed care contract;
  • Built-in EDI claim submission, remittance, and eligibility;
  • Resource-based scheduling so you can fit the schedule to your office;
  • Powerful collection tools to help decrease payment time and improve cash flow;
  • A clear view of your finances with advanced financial reports and dashboards to monitor all aspect of your revenue cycle.


Effective Denial Management and Insurance Follow-up

Within Centricity Practice Solution denial queues can be set up to enable staff to quickly identify various types of denials and the associated work required for processing. This at- a-glance-view simplifies isolating specific denial codes and identifying denials that need additional documentation. With Centricity Practice Solution’s one-click access to detailed visit information, it’s easy to add notes directly to the claim, make corrections, and resubmit the claim—without logging into an alternate system.

With Centricity Practice Solution’s integrated task management capabilities, your staff will have instant access to an interactive claims worklist that enables easy and efficient tracking and researching of reimbursement discrepancies.

Informative Financial Dashboard

Centricity Practice Solution’s Financial Dashboard delivers a Health Check of your organization by displaying a high-level view of financial metrics based on MGMA key performance indicators. To ensure easy access to timely and accurate information, the dashboard features real-time data and balances to core reports. Designed for ease of use, this feature also provides customizable, user-specific layouts.

Convenient Account Summary

Centricity Practice Solution Account Summary provides financial summary information for a guarantor account (total balances and aging) and transaction history with detailed ledger information for each visit within a guarantor’s responsibility. By placing critical account information all in one place, time spent searching for information is minimized and communication with guarantors becomes more efficient.

Centricity EDI Services

Centricity EDI Services is a proven all-payer clearinghouse and proactive services offering that helps you reduce costs and A/R days, while optimizing profitability. Centricity EDI Services enables scheduling-to-payment workflow that electronically connects you to virtually any payer.

Exclusively for Centricity Practice Solution, Centricity Business, and Centricity Group Management customers, Centricity EDI Services fully integrates workflow for eligibility, claim, and remittance data into your revenue cycle solution to help you improve efficiency and reduce inaccuracies in the billing process.

Accelerate financial performance and profitability

Centricity EDI Services streamlines financial operations, provides greater insight into financial performance, and helps you identify any issues before they disrupt or delay payments. The solution is also ICD-10 and 5010 ready, helping you prepare for compliance well in advance of the mandated deadline.

Centricity EDI Services links you electronically to virtually every payer for the processing of claims and electronic remittance advice. It automates eligibility verification, EOBs, referrals, and authorizations, while managing attachments, claims and remittances, and claims status checking, reducing unnecessary effort.

An extra set of eyes, without the extra FTEs

Centricity EDI Services provides results-based solutions that help you manage the collection process using fewer resources. Our expert service and integrated software offering can help improve the management of your revenue cycle.

Everything you need to optimize your revenue cycle

Centricity EDI Services offers a robust portfolio of services that enable you to focus on your business while streamlining processes and workflow.

  • Eligibility verification
  • Electronic claims
  • Electronic remittance
  • Automatic claim status inquiry
  • Paper claim services
  • Hosted claims management
  • Denial/rejection management
  • Advanced payment tracking/Late payment finder
  • Payment Automation
  • Analytics Dashboard


Additional services include:

  • Hosted Claims Manager – an integrated code scrubbing solution, fully hosted by GE.
  • Reimbursement Analytics – comparative healthcare data on reimbursement, utilization and productivity
  • Advanced Payment Tracking – timely identification of late Payments