Document Management

Centricity Practice Solution Document Management allows easy scanning of paper documents while correctly indexing them into the patient’s chart. Centricity Document Management allows clinics to easily scan paper documents, driver’s licenses, etc. and correctly index them directly into the patient’s chart, of which they become a permanent part.

Centricity Document Management provides built-in support for importing observations terms, routing documents, and leveraging Centricity security permissions. Our ImageLink interface enables successful desktop integration with Centricity Document Management or third party image management and display systems.

A user can retrieve indexed documents such as EOBs, HIPAA release, driver’s license, or physician transcription with a single click at the patient or visit level within Centricity Practice Solution.

Additionally, using Biscom or other fax server software, inbound faxes can be routed to Centricity Document Management for indexing. This eliminates the need to print and scan before indexing, saving time and money.

Centricity’s scanning capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Scanning any paper document into patient health record as a stand‐alone document.
  • Scanning and storing a variety of types, including PDF‐A, .JPG, .BMP.
  • Attaching a scanned document or file to a clinical encounter or note.
  • Defining scanned document types (such as labs, release of information, immunization records, etc.), categories and folders (e.g. “internal” and “3rd party”).
  • Adding/modifying date, document description, key words with appropriate security authorization.
  • Scanning and indexing documents into the system in logical sections (e,g, scanned lab results appear with other lab results, scanned radiology reports appear with transmitted reports, etc.).
  • Adding text annotation to a scanned document.
  • Storing photos and films needed for diagnostic comparisons (example: wounds, x‐rays) with definition needed for clinical decision‐making.
  • Enabling high‐speed scanning through the use bar‐coded “face sheets” with patient ID, document type and date as document separators.
  • Sending documents that are faxed or scanned high‐speed to a workflow “queue” for further indexing and annotation.
  • Dynamic searching functionalities and tools.