Centricity Practice Solution EHR/PM

As the number of uninsured and under-insured patients continues to rise, demand for quality care in County Health Departments is at an all-time high. Health centers are expanding their reach and improving their facilities to meet the growing needs of their patients. With Centricity Practice Solution, we can help you produce healthier families and communities. You will save time and energy allowing you to remain focused on the care of your patients.


The Electronic Health Record (EHR) module in Centricity Practice Solution offers secure clinical records storage, so you can capture, store, and transmit essential patient data. Quick data entry methods and at-a-glance access to patient information puts everything right where you need it. Centricity Practice Solution is a certified ONC 2014 Edition compliant complete EHR.

  • High functioning Desktop

A simple, intuitive interface that lets users quickly navigate through the patient chart with easy access to documents and data.

  • Informative Patient Summary

An at-a-glance view of everything needed for an understanding of the patient prior to the visit.

  • One-Click Problem Entry and Predictive Search for ICD-9 & 10

Upon selecting the appropriate diagnosis, correlating codes are automatically mapped to both. Search results are ranked by frequency of use by the user.

  • Intuitive ICD-9 to ICD-10 Mapping

Shortens the transition curve to ICD-10 via dual ICD 9/10 usage and provides a one-to-one match when available. Once the user selects the appropriate diagnosis, correlating codes are automatically mapped to both ICD-9 and ICD-10

  • Automated Workflows, Pre-Built Templates, & Commands

Designed to work the way you do to help improve effectiveness and efficiency, and enable more informed clinical decision-making.

  • Rapid Data Entry

A variety of data-entry methods including voice, templates, and quick text for ease of use and time saving.

  • Measuring and Continuously Improving Quality

Centricity Practice Solution provides powerful reporting on structured data, helps providers adapt workflows and add point-of-care reminders, and displays quality metrics through quality dashboards.

  • Convenient e-Prescribing

Tools for robust, efficient, streamlined medication order entry.

  • Insightful Quality Dashboard

Tools and services to help your practice track, measure, and report your care quality outcomes.


Practice Management

On the Practice Management side, Centricity Practice Solution offers simplified scheduling, claims filing, and billing while enabling staff to monitor progress in real time. Centricity Practice Solution’s PM features have made it an industry leader, winning more than a dozen prestigious awards since 1996.

Centricity Practice Solution Practice Management (PM) module helps you streamline your billing workflow and patient management processes to achieve a more productive practice. When used with our newly released A/R Accelerator, Centricity Practice Solution can further aid the process of improving business productivity and increasing revenue cycle efficiencies.

  • Efficient Scheduling Tool

A flexible, customizable scheduling interface that gives users a real-time view of their daily schedule, enabling a seamless patient experience.

  • Informative Financial Dashboard

A high-level view of financial metrics based on MGMA key performance indicators, enabling easy access to timely and accurate information.

  • Comprehensive Account Summary

Critical account information all in one place, helping your staff save time and improve communication with guarantors.

  • A/R Accelerator

A/R Accelerator automates and streamlines features such as patient intake process, appointment eligibility, remittance & denial management, and claims & insurance management. Furthermore, convenient task management and reports make it easy to track staff productivity.


Streamline Your Organization’s Workflow

GE’s Centricity’s Practice Management (PM) solution provides physician practices with practical tools to help streamline the administrative side of their business. The financial dashboard and insurance collections task management help providers stay on top of claims.

Key Functionalities:

simple schedule
Scheduling appointments, tracking recalls, and managing authorizations and referrals with Centricity is fast and effortless. Caregivers have access to real-time views as updates occur.
financial dashboard
Breaks down real-time financial metrics based on MGMA performance indicators.
denial management
Denials are displayed in a queue and allow one-click corrections and notes.
centricity practice solution
With Centricity, you can instantly access interactive claim work lists to track discrepancies with side-by-side reports!
account summary
Enjoy all account information in one place, reducing search time for relevant information.