Implementation Tailored for You

Fusion’s approach to a successful implementation is based on a winning combination of:

  • People – a partnership between your committed team and our expert Centricity Services consultants
  • Process – proven Six Sigma, change management, and data tools to set targets and maintain improvements
  • Plan – the right implementation methodology, project milestones and a variety of learning options to meet the specific training needs of your organization.

We understand that an orderly implementation relies on having the documentation of business, function, technical and performance requirements that are clear, understood and without ambiguity. This process must also show clearly that it represents current laws, regulations, statutes and law enforcement policies and procedures. The design of the GE Centricity EHR supports your goals and enables you to achieve your objectives.

Our team is committed to seeing the successful implementation of GE Centricity in all of our customers’ sites.  We understand that every Public Health Facility is not the same and that one size does not fit all. As part of our implementation phase, a thorough business process analysis will be conducted, where we will configure GE Centricity to work for your setting.

Our implementation approach is a systematically structured to integrate GE Centricity into the workflow of your organization. Fusion provides you with a blueprint for a successful implementation of GE Centricity and other associated products. Our team considers your goals, the scope of your project, technical needs, and desired end results to provide your organization with the smoothest possible implementation.

Fusion’s experienced team will assist you with your GE Centricity implementation by:

  • Assessing Practice Readiness
  • Pre-implementation Operations Assessment
  • Workflow Analysis and Business Process Engineering
  • Clinical Practice Re-design
  • Strategic Planning for Implementation