Joint Purchasing Plan

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is no longer an option when it comes to efficient and effective community care. GE Healthcare’s Centricity EHR system is a robust solution which interfaces with dozens of clinical and non-clinical IT systems such as labs, radiology, pharmacy, jail management systems, and beyond. Centricity has been used in the successful, 100% compliance accreditation of numerous facilities for NCCHC and ACA, as well as regulatory requirements such as CCHIT, HIPAA, ICD-10 and more. Implementing Centricity into your Correctional and/or Public Health Facilities will prove to be an investment which will yield countless years of economical and efficient return on your organization’s investment.

Acquisition Difficulties

With an Electronic Health Record system being a necessity in today’s correctional and public health environment, acquiring a system can be complicated. Many Counties run into issues obtaining an EHR system due to lack of sufficient funds or because of the County’s smaller size.


Counties dealing with these difficulties can overcome these issues by working together and developing a Joint Purchasing Plan. If this is the case for you, we recommend developing a Joint Purchasing Plan with other local County Jail’s to procure an EHR system like Centricity, or if you’re a health department that runs the local jail Centricity seamlessly integrates both the County Jail and the County Health Department Facilities. By utilizing a Joint Purchasing Plan, Counties can receive discounted licensing prices when a partnership is developed between the County and Fusion.

Continuity of Care

Having one unified and integrated EHR system for a County Jail and Health Department facilities, or a group of local Counties for that matter, is an ideal situation for a County. Having one EHR system allows for the sharing of clinical data across the continuum of care to help clinicians make more informed decisions in the community. For example, when a citizen arrives at the County Jail and is unable to communicate about his/her past diagnoses, correctional health physicians will be able to look at past outpatient experiences from the Public Health Clinics to guide treatment decisions. There is also better information about what was communicated between clinicians, creating less opportunity for disagreements about which parties are responsible for decisions.


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