Voice Recognition Made Easy

Dragon Medical 360 Network Edition is a leading front-end speech recognition solution for provider organizations that creates a dramatically improved physician experience, saving physicians 20 minutes or more of documentation time per day. Dragon Medical 360 Network Edition enables easy, centralized user management and enhanced dictation performance while running an EHR in voice dictationany virtualized environment.

  • Support for virtualized EHR environments: Nuance’s vSync technology creates a superior dictation experience for physicians using virtualized EHRs, allowing them to switch seamlessly between dictation and other input methods as needed, correct dictated notes via voice commands and more.
  • New Dragon Medical speech recognition:
    Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition contains the newest, fastest, and most accurate Dragon Medical speech recognition recognizer ever. Over 20% more accurate than the speech recognizer in the previous version.
  • Enhanced user reporting capabilities: Enable executives to gain a better understanding of the ROI for the speech recognition system.
  • Share content with Dragon Medical 360 | Direct (Nuance’s cloud-based solution and mobile EHR applications powered by Nuance Healthcare): Physicians can access speech recognition content within all platforms.


Expanded medical vocabularies: Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition includes more than 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies. Your clinicians can dictate confidently knowing they’ll have high accuracy from the first day of use.