GE Centricity: The #1 Correctional EHR


Helping you manage your inmates’ health records in a convenient and easy way.

GE Centricity Electronic Health Records (EHR) offer secure clinical records storage, so you can capture, store, and transmit essential inmate data. Quick data entry methods and at-a-glance access to patient information puts everything right where you need it. Centricity is certified as complete EHR technology, as designated by the Certification Commission of Healthcare Technology (CCHIT), an ONC-Accredited Testing and Certification Body.

centricity ehr

GE (General Electric) Centricity has been at the forefront of Electronic Health Records for nearly two decades, and in the correctional and juvenile justice settings for over a decade. There is no other corrections-centric EHR which can support the quality of care to inmates and youths like GE Centricity. While many other EHR vendors claim their solution can support the correctional and juvenile justice environment, many lack one of two components; a comprehensive, CCHIT accredited EHR for meaningful use or an intimate understanding of the correctional enterprise.

The EHR is no longer an option when it comes to efficient and effective inmate care. GE Centricity is a robust, corrections-centric Electronic Health Record which interfaces with Jail Management Systems (JMS) as well as dozens of clinical interfaces such as labs, radiology, pharmacy, and beyond. GE Centricity has been used in the successful, 100% compliance accreditation of numerous facilities for NCCHC and ACA. Implementing GE Centricity into your corrections organization will prove to be an investment which will yield countless years of economical and efficient return on your organization’s investment.

With the implementation of GE Centricity’s EHR system, our partners see:

  • Improved quality of care;
  • Increased inmate safety;
  • Increased health care staff productivity;
  • Integrated clinical and other correctional information with state agencies and community partners;
  • Decreased administrative expenses;
  • Real-time interoperability/electronic exchange of clinical information with care partners in the community including but not limited to FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) and hospitals, customized to meet the specialized needs of the Correction environment;
  • Web-based portal that provides community partners with access to information in Centricity’s Corrections EHR;
  • Cross-population disease management;
  • Integration in to the State Health Information Exchange and other information exchanges; and
  • Decreased litigation costs.

Best Practice Support through Intuitive Design

Automating the most important real-world workflows into its unique user interface, GE Centricity helps maximize productivity and effectiveness. With GE Centricity, daily activities become best practices transforming the vision you have for your organization into everyday reality. Developed to support the ways physicians work in correctional facilities, Centricity will help you build:

  • Efficiency with a workflow designed collaboratively with physicians to streamline processes and minimize clicks
  • Consistency by ensuring that everyone in your practice is working from a single, integrated set of data
  • Intelligence into your finances with reporting that identifies inefficiencies and opportunities to reduce costs

Correctional Workflow and Reporting Support
As an industry leading and fully integrated correctional EHR and eMAR system, GE Centricity provides correctional and juvenile justice facilities with a complete array of proven clinical and financial tools as well as specific reporting and workflow functionality unique to each facility. These effective, innovative tools will enhance your ability to:

  • Meet Compliance and Disease Collaborative reporting requirements
  • Drive and measure top-quality inmate and population care for at-risk inmates
  • More effectively reduce costs to an overburdened healthcare delivery system
  • Grow financially and expand access to care services

ACA and NCCHC Requirements

Unlike most EHRs that attempt to adapt their EHR to a correctional setting, Centricity has allowed for a true correctional EHR provided by one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, General Electric. From booking to discharge, GE Centricity has a complete clinical roadmap developed specifically for correctional facilities. Centricity has integrated with numerous Offender Management Systems to create bi-directional communication to minimize the use of two systems while ensuring that correctional officers are provided with vital information in the OMS while simultaneously ensuring that the EHR contains pertinent housing and court-related information.

Key Functionalities:

desk-top-computer-screen-hiIntuitive Interface
Centricity is designed to be intuitive with quick navigation and auto-population of daily tasks.

clinical-summaryInmate Summary
View demographics, problems, medications, alerts, allergies and directives whenever necessary.

cursorOne-Click Problem Entry
Adding new problems has never been easier. ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes are preloaded to simplify the transition to ICD-10!

data entryRapid Data Entry
Centricity offers advanced data entry options including voice, templates and quick text.

workflow.jpgAutomated Wokflows
Centricity’s automated workflows, pre-built templates and commands work the way you do to help improve clinical effectiveness and efficiency, and enable more informed clinical decision-making.

bencmarkBenchmarking & Data-Driven Decision Making
Centricity is the only EHR system backed by the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC), our quality reporting and research database with de-identified clinical data from 30+ million unique patients. Make data-driven decisions based on current information and benchmark performance against others to see how the care you provide meets common standards.

interface3rd Party Software Interface
GE Centricity offers powerful interoperability and integrates in real-time with other systems. Our interface engine supports the integration of the program with third-party systems to share lab reports, billing data, clinical notes and related data.

Key Features:

Electronic MAR Treatment Planning
Dental Module Alerts
Optometry Module Inventory
Hundreds of Corrections-Specific Clinical Forms Customization
Clinical and Behavioral Health Billing/Cost Analysis
Fully-Integrated Report Writer Discharge Planning
Clinical Documentation Scanning & Indexing Charts
Sick Call Security and Privacy
Patient Charts Role-Based Security
Document Management 600+ Auditable Fields
Inmate Movement Tracking ICD-9 & ICD-10 Ready
Orders / Treatment Administration Record (TAR) HIPAA Compliance
ePrescribing Flexible & Scalable
Microsoft-Based Platform Design Onsite and Cloud Hosting
Mobile-Ready Health Information Exchange