Easy to use Electronic MAR for all of your medication administration needs.

From basic system interfaces between the EHR and CIPS to complex systems such as automated packaging and dispensing systems and electronic MARs, Fusion has worked with countless vendors to successfully integrate any of these pharmacy solutions with GE Centricity.

Centricity has the capability to interface with any eMAR in addition to utilizing our own integrated eMAR solution. A comprehensive clinical workflow which includes an eMAR, in best practices, will allow for a unified system whereby the EHR serves as the official clinical file, supported by an eMAR for effective and accountable medication administration. Through this eMAR, the ability to order medications directly to the pharmacy ensures one completely unified system.


The eMAR allows for bi-directional communication between the systems, and minimizes the number of staff who will have to be trained on two systems. This integration allows for GE Centricity to send the eMAR the following:

  • All Demographics
  • Booking and Release documentation
  • Medications entered from Centricity’s Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

The eMAR is a paperless electronic medication administration record that enables your nursing staff to efficiently administer and track all medication administration functions. This software has extensive capabilities and is a significant upgrade to paper MAR programs.

The software can display inmates by name, location (e.g., cellblock or entire population), and medication (e.g., using Prozac). All medications due for a selected med pass will display on the screen. This function eliminates the need for nursing staff to search for the appropriate paper MAR in a binder and locate the proper medications or schedule.

Other medication-recording features of this easy-to-use medication management system include:

  • The ability to scan the barcode on the medication and inmate’s wristband/ badge to provide an electronic recording of the actual medication administration date, time, and nurse’s initials.
  • For specialty units such as a psychiatric unit housing inmates without wristbands/badges, the system allows for manual entry of an inmate’s number.
  • Injection location can be charted.
  • Capability of printing a paper med pass list in an easy-to-use grid format, sorted by inmate and unit, and providing all medications and administration times. (Note: This is an especially efficient way to inform security staff of inmates who need to report to the med line for stock medications.)
  • A list of inmates missed during regularly scheduled med pass, making it easy to identify which inmates need to be called down to receive their medications.
  • The ability for your staff to indicate reasons a medication was not administered (e.g., inmate refused or dropped, inmate no shows, out to court).
  • Throughout the med pass process, the system informing you the percentage completion of the med pass, by entire population and by individual cellblock.
  • For remote med pass or in areas without Wi-Fi, working off-line with a laptop and synchronizing later when Internet access is restored.
  • The ability to archive 24 hours of previous med pass information, in cases of power outage and Internet down times.

The eMAR will become an integral part of your QA process. With it, you monitor compliance levels customized by your preference across any parameters or time frames. For example, you could examine a list of inmate who missed three doses in the last month, the reasons they missed med pass, and their locations.

The eMAR medication management system will save you and your staff a significant amount of time. This software eliminates the month end MAR changeover because all medication ordering and changes are automatically updated throughout the month. Facilities with eMARs have experienced at least a 50% reduction in med pass time and have eliminated the time devoted to monthly MAR changeovers. With the eMAR, reviewing MARs for accuracy or arranging them in new binders at the end of every month simply is not necessary.

The system also provides the ability to easily display the last three administrations of each medication with documentation, point and click injection documentation, the ability to document the number of PRN doses administered, the ability to link medications to vital signs which need to be taken prior to medication administration and much more.

Key Functionalities:

  • Med Pass Download
  • Barcode Scanning During Med Pass
  • 5 Rights of Medication Administration
  • Inmate Demographics
  • Administration Time & Staff Initials
  • Refusals
  • Non-Administered Medications
  • Document As-Needed (PRN) Reasons
  • Medication Hold
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Declining Inventory Check
  • Medication for Released Inmates
  • Administration History Review & Printing
  • End-of-Month MAR Printing