Preparing for a successful go-live

Despite all the planning in advance, go-lives are stressful in the best of circumstances. Fusion will partner with your organization to help make this process as smooth and successful as possible. When Correctional Healthcare providers commit to large-scale software initiatives, the stakes are high. Failed or delayed implementations can trigger chaos and consequences such as staff resistance, frustration, and even inmate fatalities. As a result, the go-live stage is highly stressful for project managers, stakeholders and end users.

Project success depends on many interlocking factors, from compatibility with data models and critical workflows to usability, quality assurance and user productivity. Getting everything right requires intensive planning and disciplined go-live execution. It also takes experienced team members who know how to anticipate and overcome potential obstacles to end user adoption or go-live completion.

In the Correctional Healthcare environment, training must go far beyond how to navigate the software screens or respond to User Interface prompts. Effective training is essential to the success of a system implementation.

Been There, Done Thatgo-live

Our team of professionals have played key roles in many successful GE Centricity implementations around the country over the past decade.

To help you ensure a successful go-live, we provide experts in a variety of key project roles:

  • Clinical and technical on-site support staff and trainers
  • Specialists who have experience with multiple modules, to help with command center coordination
  • IT professionals for on-demand system configuration changes or test procedures
  • Support staff who can put end user training in the context of specific practice workflows
  • On-site project managers to improve coordination between the go-live staff, vendor personnel and the healthcare management team
  • Triage-ready experts who can help team leaders make real-time assessments or decisions, based on their experience with other go-lives


Fusion is committed to:

  • Providing pre-training skills assessments
  • Developing custom end user curriculum and training guides
  • Tailoring training to reflect current and/or new workflows
  • Assisting with competency assessments of all end users (post-training)
  • Providing go-live support of all staff and being on-site and actively engaged every step of the way through the go-live
  • Providing post-go-live follow-up analysis
  • Using our extensive experience with go-lives to plan for the inevitable challenges that will always occur
  • Assist in planning for data abstraction and mock go-lives
  • Helping to set realistic and appropriate expectations for staff