GE Centricity Setup, Configuration and Integration

Centricity is designed to help Correctional and Juvenile Justice agencies to better engage inmates in their care and will seamlessly integrate with your Jail Management Systems (JMS), Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology and more. With over 10 years of experience working exclusively with Corrections Organizations, we have developed the proper clinical workflow and automated interfaces to ensure the EHR is utilized in the most effective and efficient way possible. We understand the complexities of the Correctional setting and, unlike any other EHR vendors, we are all a dedicated team of Corrections EHR Specialists.

We will configure the initial installation to be fully operational and will test the system to confirm complete functionality. This phase will include the following components at minimum:

setup and configure

  • Security Policy Definitions and Policies
  • Confidential Documents Identification
  • EHR System Setup & Preload Data
  • Configure EHR system and preferences
  • Configure all users and user groups
  • Configure all buildings and inmate banner
  • System Testing



Automated workflows and rapid documentation streamline repetitive tasks and instantly updates inmate charts. These are automated workflows that work the way you work. Centricity features automated workflows, pre-built templates and commands that work the way you do to help improve clinical effectiveness and efficiency, and enable more informed clinical decision-making. The clinical content available in Centricity can easily be configured and/or customized for use, yet is also exceptional in providing a consistent clinical vocabulary across our customers. This means you can compare data “apples to apples” within your clinic, throughout the enterprise, or across the nation. Centricity enables you to benchmark your clinical outcomes against nationally accepted quality standards, follow disease and treatment trends, and maximize your success in a results-based reimbursement environment.

Our configuration and setup approach has seen much success in our correctional partners’ facilities throughout the country. Our approach is proven and will strategically align our deliverable schedule to meet the County’s overall objectives. We will ensure that the configuration and setup phase meets all of the specifications and expectations identified and outlined in the project charter.