Project Management Approach & Strategy

Planning is the key to understanding the timeline and budget of your project. It is important to measure the success of your project and where it stands in completion. Your project will be monitored and updated constantly from start to finish once it begins. As a standard for all of our projects, our project managers use PMI’s PMBOK as a basis for all project management efforts. The PMBOK is widely recognized as the standard for project management in many industries as well as by many state and local government departments of Information Technology (IT). The following provides a list of the components of our project management approach:project management

  • Initiating Process
  • Planning Process
  • Executing Process
  • Controlling Process
  • Closing Process


The Project Monitoring and Quality Assurance Methodology will be utilized by our project team as a guide throughout the EHR implementation as well. Our PM/QA Methodology combines the knowledge, skills and experiences of the project team members with the tools and techniques needed to monitor and assess the quality of the services and deliverables. A brief description of our PM/QA Methodology is as follows:

  • Project Monitoring – The project team will monitor and provide leadership and advice to the organization throughout the EHR Implementation project phase to ensure the project goals, objectives and operational requirements are met, and the management of the project meets industry best practices. The bottom line is to monitor and report on risks and issues affecting the project’s schedule, scope and costs to you are on a timely basis to ensure the project is an overall success.
  • Quality Assurance – This activity focuses on assessing pre-defined project standards and procedures and contract compliance in accordance with the project management plans and our expectations for the quality and content of deliverables for each phase of the development lifecycle. Our QA approach provides leadership and advice to you in the development of detailed design documentation, system architecture, test plans, as well as proposed interfaces and data conversion processes. We will document our review findings, observations and recommend resolutions in our Weekly and Monthly reports to you, if necessary.


Your Project Manager’s tasks and deliverables will include, but will not be limited to:

Project Manager/Consultant Task Deliverable
Work with you to propose the IT architecture for the new system. Coordinate activities with the organization, manage the implementation, and test new systems. Report of Proposed IT Architecture, plan, assignments and schedule.

Report of test outcomes.

Oversee and ensure that training is provided to all applicable users in order to effectively and efficiently utilize the new EHR system. Development of a test to certify that they have adequately been trained and are knowledgeable in how to use the system
Provide guidance regarding setup activities and important data which needs to be migrated from current system, if applicable Develop a setup plan, assign resources and schedule setup activities
Oversee data conversion and analyze how data is being imported into the new system. Full analysis of data consistency, data loss, and cleanup of stale/bad records. Provide a report of the outcomes of the data conversion as well as citation of bad data examples and how they were handled.
Determine the go live plan and cutover methods. Prepare contingencies should the go-live fail. Notify all staff involved of schedules and what to expect.


Develop schedule and communications plan. If possible do test go-live scenario testing and work with IT department in go-live GPOL scripting.
Develop appropriate acceptance criteria as well as documentation on how to maintain and re-train on the system. Document and/or virtual training manual.

Preventative Maintenance Manual.

Determine how to field helpdesk calls, point persons, super users and liaisons for all vested parties. Develop a Support Procedures task plan, resource assignments and schedule to manage and coordinate the post go-live support activities.


Overall, we will help you:

  • Define the project goals
  • Create and manage a detailed project plan
  • Use best practice methodologies and tool
  • Anticipate risk and problems that could jeopardize deadlines and budgets
  • Facilitate implementations, go lives and support