Onsite and Cloud-Based Hosting Solutions, Whichever you prefer

Onsite Hosting

In this model, each facility purchases a server to run in-house on their network. Our staff can have remote access to the server if the facility allows, if not, the server is kept entirely private within the in-house network.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Cloud-based hosting is an option we offer organizations such as yours that prefer not to maintain a client-server. Whether you are a small facility that does not have an IT staff or a larger facility who may have an IT department, but does not want to deal with managing a server for their EHR records, we offer this hosting service which allows users to securely and remotely have access to the system. This hosting service can be added on to any purchase of GE Centricity.

Our IT experts will be able to protect your application and data through our hosted service offering so your organization can remain managing its first priority – inmate care.

                                                                                                  Benefits & Value
✓  Eliminate Database (i.e. SQL) & Operating System (i.e. Windows) Upgrades
✓  Eliminate System Configuration and Initial Set Up
✓  Eliminate Data Maintenance
✓  Eliminate On-Site Server Equipment & Replacement
✓  Reduce the Payment of Annual Software Maintenance & Upgrades
✓  Heavily Reduce Employing IT Staff and Avoid IT Consulting Services
✓  No Longer Worry About Security or Loss of Data


Low Upfont Cost
For a reasonable monthly subscription, you can have your EHR network controlled and maintained by our expert engineers 24×7 so you can focus more on inmate care and utilize the performance-driven Electronic Health Records.

Our Hosting solution is compliant with privacy regulations and is encrypted so patient data is safe and secure.