Excellent Support for Every Customer

Our support staff is available 24/7/365 and can assist you with brief questions about how to use our software and help you solve any problems you experience with its use. Our team consists of a wide range of qualified Customer/Technical Services Engineers and Clinical Consultants, who are operating system software certified and have expertise in our products, databases, network (server and client) and other related application software products to the criminal justice industry. We will answer your call and obtain information from you to properly log and prioritize your case before making it available for the next support specialist. By providing us detailed information, we wTechnical-Supportill be able to properly prioritize your case.

Our customer support utilizes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) incident tracking software to collect initial incident information and track progress and status of reported incidents. In addition to accessing our Technical Services Teams, users will also have online access to the user knowledgebase which provides answers to common questions and technical issues. You will also have access to videos & documentation which provide brief, specified training of your organization’s clinical workflow.

Team Approach

We utilize a team approach for customer support. Each customer is assigned to a support team identified by a three digit customer code, for example 301, 302, or 303. When a support call is placed, customers will be prompted to enter their customer code. If you are unsure of your customer code, please contact support to receive it. At this time the call will be routed to one of the individuals on the assigned support team. In the event that all team members are busy, the call will be routed to another support team representative. Should all support members be unavailable, the call will be answered by the receptionist and logged into the incident tracking system.