About Fusion

Fusion is a New Jersey-based company established in 2006. As the National Correctional partner of GE Healthcare and the authorized correctional implementation specialist for GE Healthcare’s Centricity Electronic Health Record system, we provide County, City, State and Federal Department of Corrections and Juvenile Justice Agencies with Electronic Health Record consulting, implementations, upgrades, training, customization, meaningful use consulting, project management and support services. Our project team, consisting of nearly seventy-five (75) years of combined hands-on experience in County, State and Federal agency EHR implementation and consulting, has made Fusion one of the leading advisors in Electronic Health Record (EHR) strategy and systems implementation for the Department of Corrections.

Fusion is multifaceted in numerous capabilities providing elite services to nearly every major branch of public health and the criminal justice industry through our extensive network of over one-hundred professional consultants throughout the United States. Many of our ideas and concepts have had such a fundamental impact on the success of organizations, allowing Fusion to become renowned as a consultancy practice and systems implementation firm which brings a form of dynamism and thoroughness that even the largest of firms cannot provide. Fusion continues to lead the way on issues at the forefront of management thinking and practice, such as global and local advantage, adaptive strategy, talent and leadership, and the digital economy. We take pride in seeing our ideas and recommendations successfully implemented.

Qualifications & Experience

Fusion has over a decade’s worth of experience working with correctional facilities in developing the clinical workflow and ensuring the EHR is utilized in the most effective and efficient way possible. We understand the complexities of correctional settings and, unlike any other EHR vendor, GE has partnered with Fusion as their dedicated team of Corrections EHR Specialists. Centricity supports the operational effectiveness of DOCs and DJJs nationwide, as well as assist with better data management, integration of data with outside agencies that interface with these organizations, and will enable the organization to expand its information technology services in the future.

We understand that an orderly implementation relies on having the documentation of business, function, technical and performance requirements that are clear, understood and without ambiguity. This process must also show clearly that it represents current laws, regulations, statutes and law enforcement policies and procedures. The design of the GE Centricity EHR supports the DOC’s goals and enables the DOC to achieve its objectives.  It also possesses a robust reporting environment that provides real-time data to enable effective decision-making and be capable of integrating with third-party systems.

Department of Corrections and Juvenile Detention Capabilities

Fusion’s ability and experience in working effectively alongside key administrators, stakeholders and facility departments has allowed us to become a multifaceted correctional service consultancy and EHR implementation specialist. We have provided county, state and federal correctional and juvenile justice facilities throughout the US with comprehensive EHR and various criminal justice information systems implementation and consulting services. Fusion’s thorough understanding and extensive experience in providing correctional and juvenile justice facilities with business process analysis, EHR & OMS implementation, systems integration services and project management services allows you to retain the most capable, experienced and thorough team to provide implementation, training, customization and support services of the GE Centricity EHR system while establishing industry best practices and your overall agenda.